Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Ingress Week 3

I think this is now week 3 on Ingress? I got out and about with my other half on Saturday, turning a few portals from blue to green. He doesn't really get what I'm doing, and prefers geocaching. I do enjoy geocaching, but somehow I always seem to end up rootling through bushes and having to put on latex gloves. It's a look anyway!

Sunday was a trip to Ramsgate and Kent. The Kent countryside is really beautiful.

, and i hacked a few local portals down there before battery and data allowance ran out. Almost immediately I was contacted by a local, I love how people are so friendly in this game! I don't htink they have too many players down there, and it's not the sort of place where people pass through frequently, though I know Margate has had a bit of a resurgance recently with the art gallery and the high speed train.

Sometimes though it's the simple things in life that you enjoy. No need for games on phones, just fish and chips by the seaside.

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