Friday, 12 September 2014

Ingress Smashing

So yesterday I met up with some Enlightened Ingressors who are part of the Middlesex Massive. One I had met before, and two were new to me. 

We had a great time meeting by a tube station, and working our way down a road. The two higher level players smashing blue portals, and me and the other lower level, deploying resonators and creating fields to give us some much needed AP. 

I made level 6! This is good news as each level allows you to use higher level bursters, which are more effective in smashing enemy portals.

But that's rather beside the point. The point for me was meeting up with like-minded people, and have a fun evening strolling about and getting a little bit of exercise. I think it's going to be quite different when I move to Wokingham, as I don't think you can walk for a mile or so and run into 8 or 9 portals!

I guess when I move I'm just going to have to start walking further! Or maybe cycling...

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