Monday, 9 June 2014

Friday night is games night!

Friday night is games night! Well, not every Friday, but usually every other Friday. Fresh from UK Games expo with a small Munchkin haul, there was only one game to be played - Munchkin!

I had bought the deluxe version, as I really wanted the board. Now the reason for this is two-fold. 1) Maths is not my strong point, and this is really the easiest way to keep track of what level everyone is at and 2) that visual representation of the score is a way to pull non-gamers into the game.

Munchkin is a very silly game, any game where part of the rules explicitly state the resolving disputes by loud arguments is a part of the game has got to be fun!

One of my gaming group had bought Munchkin Zombies, and I had Star Munchkin, so we mixed them up together. After all, who wouldn't want to be a cyborg zombie?

We had three games in a row, one of Star Munchkin, one of Zombie and Star and then a final one of just Zombie. All were a great deal of fun, with plenty of backstabbing and bartering and arguing over the rules! We had 4 players for the first game, and then three for the rest. Each game took around 30-45 minutes, so a fairly quick game and perfect after a long week at work.

Well, i say long week, I believe it was the first five day week i've had to do in my new job. When is the next bank holiday??

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