Monday, 23 June 2014

Step back in time

So last Friday was games night. It's not every Friday, but happens maybe every two or three weeks. This Friday there were just three of us, and we went a bit old school. 3rd Edition Talisman.

I was playing the goblin fanatic. A rather cheery looking chap with a massive ball (and chain). 

He was rather fun to play, and had a decent special power. The character card is different from the 4th edition, and although the artwork for the character isn't anywhere nice as nice as the 4th edition, I like that there is room on the card to put all your stat cones and experience cones. 

Here's a rather shiny view of the board. It's very similar to 4th edition, although i prefer the artwork on the board in the 3rd. It played well apart from the ending which on of my friends whizzed through in about 3 minutes and was rather anti-climactic! I didn't time it, but i think it was also a much shorter game than 4th edition.

I liked that there was no fate, i tend to forget to use it in 4th edition anyway, but disliked the lack of female characters. The artwork on the box has NO female characters at all.

It's become a bit of a running joke with my friends, but where possible I insist on playing female characters. I'm perfectly happy to role-play a man, but these games just don't have many female characters so I like to make sure i use them!

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