Sunday, 13 July 2014

Another Friday night of gaming

Another Friday night and another games night. This time it was 4th edition Talisman. It's generally my groups go-to game as we all know how to play it, and don't need to spend time reading through the rules.This time though we decided to play it with all the expansions!

House rules are that you have to collect a token from each of the expansions, forcing you to go through them all, and that Talismans (Talismen?) are trinkets.

I got the Elementalist, which was a new character for me. Coupled with the War horse it proved to be an affective fighter at low levels, allowing me to increase my craft by adding my strength to it. Unfortunately one monster encounter resulted in me losing the war horse and then i was at a significant disadvantage.

I think the elementalist would be even more enjoyable to play if they started off with a spell. It was pretty late in the game when i actually got to make use of having increased craft to get and use spells.

I was working my way around the expansions and had got to the Highlands, and died very quickly! It was ok, as one of friends was playing as the alchemist and through some crafty spell usage he killed off my other friend. So with both of us dead, that left him as the victor!
Normally we would both have rolled up new characters and carried on, but it was getting close to last trains, so we called it a day. or technically a night. 

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