Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Dice Bag

Now if there is one thing that i like, it's when a couple of my interests collide. In this case, it's crochet and gaming. If you are anything like me, you'll probably have a collection of dice. I've got multiple sets of really pretty Chessex dice, as well as various odd ones i've picked up along the way.

I don't tend to game at my place, but go along to a friend's flat which means that I need to take my dice with me. Well, I suppose I don't really as they have a whole box full of dice, but it's nice to have your own set. So, to combine two of my loves I wanted to crochet a dice bag.

A quick google turned up this tutorial. something that's pretty simple to follow, and works up quickly.

I made a few of these for my gaming buddies in different colours, and here is mine.

The instructions are written for A North American audience, so i changed the worsted for DK cotton, which seemed to work pretty well.I'm not over keen on the colour, but I made this with some left over yarn as an example before I made ones for my friends in their chosen colours. 

As you can see I used thin cord to tie it, but for my friends i used a thicker ribbon.

I'm thinking about making another for myself, in a colour that I actually like, and also adding on more rows to make the bag taller. I've picked up more dice since making my original bag, and also a magnifying glass. It sounds odd, but in many games cards and boards often have small writing on them. I simply can't read them, and it become frustrating. So i bought a magnifying glass!

I also wanted it to be a little bigger so that i can fit a pencil in it comfortably, and maybe even an eraser. I know that you can buy dice bags from places like Dice Bag Lady, and believe me it's very tempting! The hand embroided images on the front are beyond my current skill level, but i'm happy enough with my own attempt!

What do you carry your dice and gaming accessories in?

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