Thursday, 17 July 2014

Dice Collection

When I game, I go to a friend's place. They've been gaming a long time and have just about everything you need to play games, including a massive box of dice. But there is nothing like having your own set when role playing or gaming. After all, someone else's dice aren't going to be lucky for you, right?

Chessex are a well known company who make and sell dice and gaming accessories and so far all my dice have come from them via one source or another.My first dice set was the aquerple borealis set.

 Very pretty, although the black numbers on the light background turned out to be surprising difficult to read when rolled on a white surface. The other annoying part was that they developed very tiny chips. This meant that not only were they no longer balanced, but the chips also seemed to let air into the dice and they beaome cloudy. A real shame. I've kept them though, as not every one in the set got chipped and they are still very pretty to look at.

To replace the original borealis set i bought this lovely sky blue with white lettering borealis set.

The numbers really stand out very clearly and the blue is that gorgeous summer sky blue with a flecks of green and yellow borealis. I got this at the uk games expo, and it was a toss up between this and getting another set of aquerples, but the clarity of the numbers really swung it for me. I only hope that this set doesn't chip!

The last one is a really lovely d6 in red and blue with a union flag on it. I bought it at the uk games expo from the Chessex stand. I actually bought it to give away to someone who is getting into AD&D.

I wonder if you can guess who it was for?

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